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Laptop trade in/barter agreement

This agreement is made effective as of for consideration of the bartering of goods between you (The Offeror) and Century Systems (Offeree) furthermore known as “The Parties”.


The Offeror has put forth the following goods for consideration: Used Laptop

In exchange for the above mentioned goods the Offeree has produced the following goods for consideration: New or Refurbished Laptop


The exchange of the above mentioned goods shall take place at Room 3, 1st Floor, Central Building along Moi Avenue in Nairobi, Kenya.

Each party states they are freely and legally entering into this barter agreement and will follow the below terms and conditions.

  1. Each party will use the fair market value of the product being offered to determine the product's cost.
  2. Furthermore, each party agrees to provide additional items or monetary compensation to ensure that the overall exchange of goods is fair and equal.
  3. Each party acknowledges the goods being exchanged through this barter agreement are legal in the Kenya and they are the rightful owner of those goods. Furthermore, the Parties guarantee that there are no liens or other claims against the property being offered.
  4. The Parties will deliver the goods on the agreed date in working, well kept condition.
  5. Neither of the Parties involved in this barter agreement shall assign any rights to another person without prior written consent during any part of this agreement term.


This barter agreement shall take full effect as of the agreement date and will end upon the exchange of the agreed goods as mentioned in this agreement.


The Parties shall indemnify and hold each other harmless against any claims, losses or costs regarding the breach of any portion of this contract. Any damage or loss associated with the products being bartered shall be borne by the party in possession of the property at the time the damage occurs.

What is your laptop's brand?

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Your laptop's brand can be the manufacturer's name e.g. Apple, Samsung, Dell, HP e.t.c

What is your laptop's model?

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Your laptop's model can be found in the system information or PC properties list depending on your Operating System.

What is your laptop's RAM capacity?

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Your laptop's RAM is a detachable or inbuilt chip usually located under the back panel. Different Operating Systems have different methods of displaying RAM capacity.

What is your laptop's storage type & capacity?

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There are 2 main types of laptop storage i.e SSD and HDD. Both can mostly be accessed from the back panel. Different operating systems have different menthods of displaying the storage type & capacity.

What else should we know about your laptop?

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Some important things you can mention include the condition of the laptop, any missing parts, any malfunctions or problems we should know beforehand.

Please provide a way to follow up on you

Requirements for service

What will be required during the exchange at our shop

Please come prepared.

  • personal identification icon
    Personal Identification Document

    You will need to present your Student ID / National ID / Passport Document

  • witness identification icon
    Witness' Identification Document

    Your witness should come with Student ID / National ID / Passport Document

  • laptop with accessory icon
    Laptop and its Accessories

    A complete Laptop that includes its charger and available accessories

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Your details have been submitted successfully and your trade-in analysis appointment has been booked. You are required to present the laptop at our main office while you can. Thank you for choosing Century Systems!

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